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Thursday, February 8, 1996


Sarah McVan Montgomerie
02/08/1996 - 07/07/2008
(12 yrs. 5 mos.)

Sarah was very loving and would click her teeth for your attention as if to talk. She loved to lay in your arms upside-down. She was a wonderful mother & would have kept her pups until full growth.

We kept her daughter Katlyn & she is great-grandmother to Roxie; her twin sister was Treena.

She spent her last 6 years with Larry & Jan Payne; they loved her dearly.


Treena Sangreg Montgomerie
2/08/1996 - 6/10/2001
(5yrs. 4 mos.)

Treena was a wonderful Scottie, sister to Sarah, and a great mother - she clicked her teeth and smiled when she wanted stroked. Unfortunately, Treena passed on, and we miss her.