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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

email - Magruder

Hi Hinkleys, 'Gruder has settled in just fine. I think he knows his name-but not because he comes when I call him. He loves being outside but he won't hold still long enough to eat more than two bites. We went to the vet today for a shot and checkup and he weighs 5.7 lbs.

Thanks for all the good care you gave him. He is a sweet puppy and I think Murdoc will eventually come to want him around.

Take care and have a good winter.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 year-end Puppy Deliveries!

Here are pictures of our happy customers
getting their new puppies!

Click here for previous deliveries...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Special!

We have 2 puppies left from our fall batch, and are offering them at a discount as a Christmas bargain for you! $600.00 each

Lizzy’s pup #4 - a Black Male - still needs a home.
Lizzy's pup #4 - male
Click here to see Lizzy's litter.

Jackie’s pup #1 - a Black Male - still needs a home.
Jacki's pup #1 Black Male

Click here to see Jackie's litter..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

pups for sale!

We have 2 females & 1 male of Lizzy’s litter that need homes. Click here to see their puppy pics. New pictures coming soon...

We have 2 males from Jacki that need homes. Click here to see their puppy pics. New pictures coming soon...

Lizzy's pups - new pics

Lizzy's pups

Lizzy's pup #1 - male - went to Janet

Lizzy's pup #2 - female - went to Hinkley’s

Lizzy's pup #3 - male - went to David & Melina

Lizzy's pup #4 - male

Lizzy's pup #5 - female - went to Kayrn

Lizzy's pup #6 - female - went to Helein

Lizzy's pup #7 - male - went to Judie

Jacki's pups - new pics

Jacki's pup #1 Black Male

Jacki's pup #2 Black/Brindle Male - went to Pat F.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

email - Duncan's first TV appearance

Hi Again. I've attached a film clip taken a few weeks ago from a local TV station that shows Duncan chasing his "girlfriend", Gidget (the little black French Bulldog). For some reason he loves French Bulldogs. I though you might find it amusing. Enjoy.

(Duncan & Gidget at 14 seconds)

email - new pics

Hi Kayrn and Duane. Here's a couple of new pics of Duncan taken at the dog park Halloween party. He was "Pumpkin Duncan Doughnut", but the mylar doughnut balloon I had attached to his collar only lasted about 3 minutes. Hope all is well with the new batch of pups and Duncan's sister, Catrina. I may be interested in one of her pups in a few years.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lizzy had puppies!


We are now taking reservations & deposits.
Health Guarantee & CONTRACT on our website.

Any questions welcome, Kayrn


Montgomerie’s “Thinkerbelle” Charlie
daughter of
Charlie” and “Lizzy

born 09/27/10

She is so fast is why I call her Thinkerbelle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News from Fingal: now living in England!

Hello Oregon!
We are now living in England: Fingal is very happy (lot of games!) and he has a lovely garden with a very very green lawn... Yes, it's rainy and he doesn't like rain but he can rest inside as he wishes on his personal Chesterfield harm chair (no one else dare to use it).

Here is a few photos (this summer he visited Ireland and Cumbria).

And he is as always playing football!!

On the beach in Norfolk (UK)

He is a bit hairy but he hates going to the hairdresser... he agrees to regular shower in the bathroom with the proper shampoo and conditioner... British are great with dogs and I think I have found a girlfriend in North Norfolk for him...

Best from England,

Monday, August 16, 2010

email - Emma and Maggie


I am truly sorry to hear about Charlie. It saddens me to hear the news. My prayers are with you.

The pups heads are starting to get bigger now. They are cute, but super cute now plus so much fun.

Maggie is a little princess since she can be high maintenance especially when it comes to grooming and she always lets you know when she wants to be clean.

However, Emma is a little tomboy. They are a perfect combination together and so much fun.

Everyone who meets them loves them.


Friday, August 13, 2010

email - Annie

Annie taking a short break from teasing pack leader Gary. We love her, but what energy she has. We are worn out.


Monday, August 9, 2010

email - Emma and Maggie pics

Hello Karyn,

Here are some pictures of Emma and Maggie. They are wonderful puppies both physically and in temperment. They are about 4.5 months old. Emma is 14.1 pounds and Maggie is 12.5 pounds. They just had their last shots and the vet says they are very healthy.

I would like to thank you and Duane for breeding such wonderful puppies. I would recommend to anyone who are intrested in Scottish Terriers to check out your website.

Once again thank you for everything and expect more pictures for many years to come.

Kind Regards,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Babe passes

Babe passed on today - she will be missed. Check out her tribute on our "Over the Rainbow" page.

Charlie passes

Charlie passed on today - he will be missed. Check out her tribute on our "Over the Rainbow" page.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

email - Molly

Hi, I hope that you will get this e-mail. Wanted to keep you up to date with Molly. She is wonderful Scottie.

I have been watching my great granddaughter since she was 3 months. Granddaughter is now 22 months and Molly has been just great with her. I was a little worried at first as Molly was 6 years old when we first started watching Ella but Molly was so good with her.

Now that granddaughter is on the go, Molly keeps out of her way at times but is always there for loving. She is a great traveler, and always ready to go. Cannot believe that she is 7 years now and still acts like a puppy. The vet asked me what I was feeding her the last check-up as she was doing so good. We are still on the Flint River diet but she loves her tidbits of cheese and watermelon.

Take care,
As always Nancie and Molly

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

email - Mac

Here are three pics of Mac - one of our puppies - sent in by the owner.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

email - Duncan

Hi Kayrn and Duane. Well, Duncan is growing fast. The photos with me were taken yesterday. He has been such a joy since the day I received him. He's very affectionate and playful. I was able to take him to the dog park this week since his shots are done, and he started playing with the other dogs right away. Everyone there just fell in live with him. Don't be surprised if he drums up more business for you. I would gladly recommend you. I hope all is well.