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Tuesday, December 21, 1999


McKenna O'Rhea
12/21/1999 - 12/15/2008
(9 yrs.)

McKenna was one of our pups. She will be greatly missed by her companion Cassie & her family. McKenna especially loved to ride on the 4-wheeler with her owner Connie when out checking sheep or doing the irrigating. She was quite the little biker dog, with her nose pointed up, the wind blowing through her hair and her darling little tongue sticking out. The above picture was taken last winter. She was doing one of the things that she loved MOST. Riding on the 4-wheeler in the middle of winter. Connie was pulling her granddaughter on her sled and had stopped to rearrange things when she snapped the photo. McKenna LOVED it outside, the snow never slowed her down one iota. She was a sight to see with snow caked on her face and beard...

Saturday, February 27, 1999


Cassie Mae
2/27/1999 - 7/2/2009
(10 yrs. 4 mos.)

Cassie was one of our pups. Cassie was her owner's "short-legged guard dog". She thought that she could take on anything, and actually tried it more than once.