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Friday, April 29, 2016

email - re:black female #3...

AKA as Rosie "Gingerfritz" Pinkham is six months now.  Weighing in a 15# and just this week had her spay surgery.  Instead of a cone she opted (by default) to wear a 12 month old "onsie" to protect her tiny incision.

I promised no more puppy pictures ....but will continue to send updates of note.
Rosie is a huge fur-ball...allowing me only to trim the tops of her ears and her nails.  She has a very thick wavy coat....like her parents?

She seems to have a personality that has melded well with "Blue", our Kerry Blue Terriers' personality.....We will see how she does next month when we take to the road in our small RV and explore more backroads in the PNW...

Many thanks for such a lovely Scottish Terrier pup...


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

email - Brooklyn

Hello - hope you are both well!

Brooklyn is a big girl now - has had all her shots, spayed, boosters etc and is healthy as can be.

She is very smart - understands most of what we say to her - and obeys most of the time. She has an amazing inner clock for breakfast and dinner and is the most affectionate dog on the planet. She will not allow any kissing unless she is in on it!

Next up is her first Scottie haircut now that spring has sprung.

Best regards, Lauri