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Monday, September 23, 1996


Bryndandie Montgomerie
daughter of
Dan” and “Bryn

9/23/1996 - 8/05/2010
(14 yrs. 11 mos.)

The love of my life, my first Scottie ever, I had her since her day of birth when I had to bottle feed her. Babe was a black, who was petite and spoiled by me!

Babe loved to go, ride in car on my lap & looking out the window. She had been to our family campout at the Snake river every year. She hunted in every hole in the ground and got her prey many times. She loved to go for walks and never ran away but sniffed everything.

Babe was a wonderful mother to her pups, loving, attentive, protective and always happy. We have her daughter, Micki (not a breeder), & her son Stewie (our black stud).

She loved carrots & broccoli for treats & occasionally a scrap of meat from my plate (oops). She was easy to groom and loved looking pretty.

Babe retired in December 2002, but remained Kayrn's favorite lap dog for another 8 years. I can't tell you how much Babe will be missed.

Saturday, August 24, 1996


Duncan’s Montgomerie
08/24/1996 - 06/17/2011
(14 yrs. 10 mos.)

Fergie was our 1st wheaten. She was named for the Duchess of York...red head...high maintenance, (she didn't like her feet dirty or wet or trimmed--she bit her toenails) and alert. Fergie had small litters, but was a good mom. We retired her to a great home with Nancy & Gordon Heibert, who live on a farm outside of Corvallis, where she was called “Jessie” for the last 6 or 7 years...

Thursday, February 8, 1996


Sarah McVan Montgomerie
02/08/1996 - 07/07/2008
(12 yrs. 5 mos.)

Sarah was very loving and would click her teeth for your attention as if to talk. She loved to lay in your arms upside-down. She was a wonderful mother & would have kept her pups until full growth.

We kept her daughter Katlyn & she is great-grandmother to Roxie; her twin sister was Treena.

She spent her last 6 years with Larry & Jan Payne; they loved her dearly.


Treena Sangreg Montgomerie
2/08/1996 - 6/10/2001
(5yrs. 4 mos.)

Treena was a wonderful Scottie, sister to Sarah, and a great mother - she clicked her teeth and smiled when she wanted stroked. Unfortunately, Treena passed on, and we miss her.