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Monday, May 30, 1988


Dandie Dougal McDuff
5/30/1988 - 10/11/2001
(13 yrs. 5 mos.)

Bryn in my arms, with Dan at my feet.

He was a life long companion of his mate Bryn and they had 54 puppies together. Dan was our very first Scottie.

Large Head, but brain enough for two,
Dan's the dog that will see you through,
On the trail, sturdy, and stern, and dour,
As the wind that sweeps a Scottish moor,
In at the death, aye, Dan's all there,
Be it antlered stag, or black bear.
Sprung from proud stock of high degree,
As long as a laird's pedigree,
That on many fields have won renown,
He's not the dog that will let you down.
When badger and fox have gone to earth,
He's won a warn corner in our hearts.
That nothing but death shall ever part,
Never was truer and stauncher friend,
And he will be loyal to the end.
For auld lang syne, may you not forget,
When he is old and his sun has set.