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Sunday, October 28, 2001


Montgomerie’s Mountain Mist
daughter of
Shasta The Snowman
Buffy Shawnee Morning Light
10/28/2001 - 04/06/2015
(14 yrs. 5 mos.)

Missy, a wheaten that was Rosie's granddaughter, was playful, happy & loved water. She was a great mother of many pups. She was a fun house Scottie, never missed hearing the refrigerator opening & always - even while blind the last couple years. Missy felt her way from her pen with her nose to the kitchen & outside. She will be missed but lived a long good life for a Scottie.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Dan passes

Dan passed on today - he will be missed. Check out his tribute on our "Over the Rainbow" page.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001


Audrey Doggin' Aberdeen
8/28/2001 to 4/08/2010
(8 yrs. 7 mos.)

Abbey was one of our pups. This is from her owner, Lois:
"We lost our little Abbey. She was the most loving and loyal Scottie with such big, brown eyes. A friend said to me, "We are so lucky they wiggle their way into our hearts" and our Abbey certainly did that. She loved to be outside - winter or summer - and she just loved to be loved. She also love sleeping upside down. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. She was just such a sweet, sweet Scottie, the love of our lives and we are missing her dearly. We will be forever grateful to Kayrn and Duane for breeding such loving Scotties."


Montgomerie's Highlander
8/28/2001 - 8/05/2010
(9 yrs.)

We have just lost Charlie, the son of Sarah & Toby, a wonderful Black stud of ours. Charlie was such a people person, he loved going to a park and strutting himself around so proudly. Charlie loved going to the Caledonian Days & showing off with people & even walked in parades.

He will be greatly missed.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Over the Rainbow

Whether they had a long and full life, or died untimely, all of our Scotties (including their pups now living elsewhere) will be remembered long after they're gone.

You can find references on the web about how awesome Scotties are, and how they live regularly to be 10 or older (look at our Bryn, Dan and their son Duke who lived over 15 years, 13 years and 12 years, respectively), and you can find sites that talk about all kinds of problems they supposedly have.

All I can tell you is this: these dogs are the greatest - no matter how long they were with us!

"Lizzy" - Elizabeth Babe Montgomerie
07/04/05 - 02/02/17

"Wallace" - Montgomerie's Highlander
04/29/03 - 12/02/16

"Missy" - Montgomerie’s Mountain Mist
10/28/01 - 04/06/15

"Hogan" - Hogan II
08/31/08 - 10/12/14

"Bonnie" - Bonnie Elizabeth Montgomerie
07/04/05 - 04/02/14

"Eiric" - Montgomerie's Donleawy
05/15/00 - 02/20/14

"Katy" - Katlyn Sarah Montgomerie
09/22/02 - 01/08/14

"BoBo" - Sunny's Red Romeo Bo
10/12/00 - 01/28/13

"Violet" - Scharel’s Magenta Violet
03/27/02 - 01/27/13

"Amy" - Amy Brindi Maura Montgomerie
09/08/03 - 04/40/12

"Stewie" - Montgomerie’s Dandie Boy
06/10/00 - 09/29/11

"Micki" - Micki Bryndandie Montgomerie
09/15/02 - 08/21/11

"Susie Q" - Montgomerie’s Kaluha-N-Creame
01/28/01 - 06/28/11

“Fergie” - Duncan’s Montgomerie
08/24/96 - 06/17/11

"Babe" - Bryndandie Montgomerie
09/23/96 - 8/05/10

"Charlie" - Montgomerie's Highlander
08/28/01 - 8/05/10

"Abbey" - Audrey Doggin' Aberdeen
08/28/01 to 4/08/10

"Cassie" - Cassie Mae
02/27/99 - 7/2/09

"Mackey" - Crawford's Little MacDuffy II
03/15/88 - 2/28/09

"McKenna" - McKenna O'Rhea
12/21/99 - 12/15/08

"Sarah" - Sarah McVan Montgomerie
02/08/96 - 07/07/08

"Rosie" - Montgomerie's Ivory Rose
04/04/97 - 1/15/08

"Kaytee" - Wee Kaytee Lass
07/14/06 - 7/29/07

"Maggie" - Maggie Montgomerie of Camas
03/29/95 - 3/29/06

"Bryn" - Bryn Maura McDare
12/02/89 - 04/08/05

"Dan" - Dandie Dougal McDuff
05/30/88 - 10/11/01

"Treena" - Treena Sangreg Montgomerie
02/08/96 - 6/10/01

Treena passes

Treena passed on today - she will be missed. Check out her tribute on our "Over the Rainbow" page.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

Owner's Pics

Our Photo Album

Photo Hints

Hints for taking pictures of your Scotties

  1. Use a contrasting background. Blacks & Brindles need a light background to bring them out, and Wheatens need a colorful background to keep them from washing out. See the examples below:

  2. Here you can see how Bryn disappears into the dark background.

    With the lighter background and flooring, Babe shows well.

    Notice how this Wheaten's body blends into Duane's shirt.

    See how the blue background brings out Fergie's colors & shades.

  3. Frame your Scottie well in the photo, not taking in too much or too little background.

  4. In this shot, the Scottie is too far away, and the grass could be less important.

    This is a bit too close, and we lose the ears up top.

    A very well framed Scottie, with just about equal borders all around. There's enough other objects to make the picture nice, but very little clutter.

  5. Much as you might love to do multiple dog shots, like-colored Scotties blend together in photos...

  6. These wheaten brothers look like a 2-headed dog!

    This Scottie has a head at both ends!

    However, mixing & matching works nicely.

    Or, just make sure the dogs are separate within the photo.

  7. Face shots can be a nice way to show your Scottie, as is evident in this photo of Duke.

Hints for sending us pictures of your Scotties

If you're taking pictures of your Scottie with a digital camera, send them along "as is". Don't worry about the size of the file, we'll reduce it as needed for the website.
If you're going to scan a photo of your Scottie to send us, the following guides can help.

  1. The resolution displayed on a screen is only 96 dpi (dots per inch), so you really don't need a big number for your scan. We recommend 150 dpi, so that if we need to do any enlargement or cropping, you have enough data.

  2. If you can choose the setting, Millions of Colors (24 bit) is the best way to go. This gives the most flexibility for changing the brightness or contrast later.

  3. JPG is the best file type for what we are doing. We can convert other file types, however, if you don't get a choice (or aren't sure...)

  4. Standard 3x5 inch or 4x6 inch pictures are just fine. We'll reduce anything we need to for the site. Anything smaller than 2x2 inch (300x300 pixels) is going to be hard to use.

Please send us your pictures - we love 'em all!

About Wheatens

The Wheaten Scottie is light, corn-colored to reddish; NEVER white. The inner coat is thick and blond, and the outer coat continually shows more color as the dog gets older. They have black noses and foot pads.

blond vs red Wheaten puppies

We have one Wheaten female, Rosie. We also have two females - Sarah & Heather - and our stud Toby who are Black, but carry the Wheaten gene. We have been successful in breeding Wheaten puppies from all of them.

About Brindles

Brindle is the original coloring of Scottish Terriers. The breed went Brindle from environment, developing a thick, coarse coat as an advantage when going to earth after varmint.

We have one Brindle stud Eiric, and one Brindle female Suzie Q. With our Black females, we have a couple of Brindle pups each year, and will occasionally get some Black/Brindle pups as well.

About Blacks

The Black Scottie is the most popular, however there are few that are all black. These Scotties are usually sprinkled with gray hairs, which increase as they get older.

We have three Black females - Babe, Sarah & Heather - and our Black stud Toby. We usually get 4-5 Black puppies per litter...

The Book of the Scottish Terrier

Co-Founder of the Scottish Terrier Club of America



Exposing Fallacies about Black Scotties

There are few all black...they are usually sprinkled with gray
hairs which increase with age and in time their faces may grow
very grey, with monkey-like suggestion.
Black is an unnatural color;
the breed went brindle from environment, and work close to
earth, as do other animals and birds.
The makers of the Standard, who values the working dog,
set black next to last, the dark brindles being choice.
Inbreeding blacks produces slaty-blues, rusty black or
brown patches under neck, breast, and tail.
Black coats are usually softer than brindles,
frequently curl, and are often associated with lack of undercoat,
Having no undercoat should disqualify a Scottie in the
show ring and the curling coat is specifically mentioned
by the Standard to condemn.
This is not to ostracize black, only to emphasize that it
has no especial value in estimating quality,
the Standard rating being only 2 1/2 points in 100)
and is likely to have inherent defecys.
NOSEGAY KENNELS has black and brindle studs,
also black bitches.

The Scottie Puppy by Ella D. Farrar

The world is large, and he is very small;
Yet in him dwells no awe or fear at all.
On the high road, where flash the motors dread,
He squats, to scratch his foolish little head.
Nor, though he deprecates with tail and grin,
Feels gratitude to you who risked your skin.
But lurches, with gay and aimless sprawl,
Betwixt the stranger's legs and makes him fall.
Chastised, he stoops your noble boots to lick,
And learns that blacking, through full sweet, makes sick.
Cramful of faults, a blunt-nosed rogue and thief,
He steels your heart as surely as your beef.
And, should the fates untimely snip his thread,
You'll wish they'd severed many a man's instead.
Hemel Hempstead, England

Good Resources

The Book of the Scottish Terrier


Exposing Fallacies about Black Scotties


The Scottie Puppy by Ella D. Farrar


Terrier Truth in Great Scots Magazine Jul/Aug 2006


American Kennel Club information

General Info

Montgomerie of Camas - AKC Scottish Terriers

Duane & Kayrn Hinkley
P.O. Box 207
Ukiah, OR 97880

We Micro Chip all our Scotties & pups.
Black or Brindle Male or Female $700
Wheaten $900


other great resources...

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Puppy Deliveries!

Here are pictures of our happy customers
for the past 12 years
getting their new puppies!

Sunday, January 28, 2001

“Suzie Q”

Montgomerie’s Kaluha-N-Creame
daughter of
“Toby” and “Rosie”

01/28/2001 - 06/28/2011
(10 yrs. 5 mos.)

Suzie was a beautiful Black/Brindle with lots of colors who had many great puppies, Black & Brindle & Wheaten ones. She was a great mother to her pups. Suzie loved to go for walks, be outside or inside.

We retired "Suzie" in Nov 2007. She was a great companion and played with all our Scotties especially everyone’s pups. We will all miss her smiling face.