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Sunday, March 18, 2001

Exposing Fallacies about Black Scotties

There are few all black...they are usually sprinkled with gray
hairs which increase with age and in time their faces may grow
very grey, with monkey-like suggestion.
Black is an unnatural color;
the breed went brindle from environment, and work close to
earth, as do other animals and birds.
The makers of the Standard, who values the working dog,
set black next to last, the dark brindles being choice.
Inbreeding blacks produces slaty-blues, rusty black or
brown patches under neck, breast, and tail.
Black coats are usually softer than brindles,
frequently curl, and are often associated with lack of undercoat,
Having no undercoat should disqualify a Scottie in the
show ring and the curling coat is specifically mentioned
by the Standard to condemn.
This is not to ostracize black, only to emphasize that it
has no especial value in estimating quality,
the Standard rating being only 2 1/2 points in 100)
and is likely to have inherent defecys.
NOSEGAY KENNELS has black and brindle studs,
also black bitches.