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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Kayrn Jane Heald-Hinkley

Beloved wife, sister, mother & grandmother, Kayrn passed away in the embrace of family.

The family has asked that instead of cards or flowers, please consider making a donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Kayrn's honor, as she spent over half her life battling this disease.

Click this link to view her obituary in the East Oregoninan,
and this link if you would like to leave condolences at her memorial at Burns Mortuary.

Duane will reply to your puppy inquiries, but please understand if the responces are not as timely as they use to be.

Posted by Kayrn's son, Robb

Brooklyn Kidd Levybrower at 6 yrs

Brooklyn is almost six!

Hi Duane and Karyn,
Wanted to let you know that my Brooklyn is the best companion a girl could ask for! I took her to be groomed today with a new groomer who has been doing her craft for over 25 years, and she said she had NEVER seen such a loving Scottie. Of course, it was no surprise to me and you told me she was very affectionate from the start so I am sure you aren't surprised either!
I love my little girl! Thanks to you!!!!
My best to you,

Monday, July 19, 2021


Hello Kayrn and Duane,

We said goodbye to Duffy on July 15th. One day after his birthday. He suffered no pain, exhibited no indication of disease, he simply grew slower and frailer over the past month until it became time to let him go. We were with him, reminding him of our love and what a good boy he was until his spirit left his body. Our hearts are broken, but they will mend. Gus and Fiona will see to that.

We've shared our lives with many canine companions but never was there one as special as Duffy. He lived his life with a joy that was contagious. Just being around him lifted our spirits and made us happier. We will always be grateful for the wonder of this mighty little dog.
I've posted his final video. It celebrates the magical joy that he shared with us.


How fortunate we all are to have been touched by the love of Scotties.

Jayel, Ken, Scotties: Gus and Fiona and Frenchie Ally

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Good Morning Duane,

I didn't want another day to go by without saying Thank You for our Little Fritz. He traveled well and was a perfect gentleman in the bathtub. He is such a joy and keeps us entertained royally. He settled right in taking over pretty much everything. He and Dobby get along great and Fritz has brought Dobby out of his shell. They are fun to watch! Fritz has had a wellness check, required before his surgery, which is on the 10th. He goes to the groomer on the 4th, so I will be taking pictures and will send you one for sure. We are amazed at his energy level, he is more like a two year old than 7. He is like the energizer bunny!!

Again, Thank you and Kayrn for sharing Fritz with us. Lots of smiles around here. Be assured that he will be well cared for.

Best to you both,
Wand and Jerry Martin

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Aggie Morrison ...

Hi Kayrn and Duane. I hope this finds you both doing well.

I finally got around to registering Aggie, a wheaten lass, whom I got from you last July.

She is named "Agatha Mor'du of Montgomerie.

I hope you like it!

Thanks again for such a sweet, sweet girl!


Friday, April 9, 2021

Update on Jacki and Heather

Duane and Karyn,
I love both Jacki and Heather so much! Like you said, Heather is a bit cuddlier and outgoing and asks for pets, but Jacki whaps her tail whenever I talk to her and she does like a bit of petting. They have both been such charming girls.

We tried a different ear antibiotic for Heather and it responded well. Final check on it should at her appointment Monday.

In the photo below, Heather is in the middle and Jacki is on the right. All three dogs are looking out windows.

Thank you again for these great dogs.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Duffy at 14

Hi Kayrn and Duane,
Just thinking about you this morning as I drink my coffee and chat with Scotties.

It seems impossible that it was 14 years ago Duane delivered Duffy to us. He just had his annual check-up, no lumps, no bumps, nothing but a touch of arthritis and some gray hairs.

And now, when he's earned the right to give up the Scottie skirt and sport the naked Scottie look, when he can no longer navigate the ups and downs of stairs without a human assist, when he's on arthritis medication twice a day, when he has developed a severe case of selective deafness and his eyesight isn't what it used to be.

Even when he'll be 15 on his next birthday. Even now, he's not too old to enjoy new toys.

Duffy: You're Never Too Old

Duffy, and Gus and Fiona, have added so much joy to our lives. We think of you often and feel so fortunate to have found you and your wonderful Scotties.

As always,
Jayel, Ken, Scotties: Duffy, Gus and Fiona and Frenchie Ally

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Jacki and Heather two days ago

Hi Duane,
I realized I do have some photos.
Everyone likes the big squishy chair. Brindi, a little adopted dog is on the top bunk and Heather is rolling around with her legs in the air below her on the chair seat.
The second shot is when the front window sunshine makes it warm inside and they put their bellies on the linoleum. The camera click woke up Heather. They will not be so warm when I get them groomer trimmed next week. I'll send better photos after their spa day.
They are delightful girls. You are right, Jacki does pause a few moments when I ask her to do something, but then she joins in. And she is an excellent tail wagger about everything.
They also have their "get to know the Vet" visit next week. By then Heather will be all finished with her ear medicine and he can check on that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Thank you all for the support!

These two girls now have a good home - thank you for all the inquiries! We may have another one or two to retire to new homes, however, so keep an eye out...

Monday, February 15, 2021

retirees looking for a good home

As we are having difficulties with our health and are winding down our breeding, we have two 8-yr-old sisters who need to find their retirement home. Heather & Jackie need someone who will love and adopt them, and give them a great home to live out their days. If you interested, please send us an email and include pictures of where they would live.

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Hi Duane and Karen,
We purchased our Black female from you and picked her up in March of 2015. We would like to get another black female in the late summer or fall. Will you have any litters available? We had referred a friend to you folks who also bought a black female, they love her to pieces, just like we love our Maggie!
Thank you,
Karen Swan