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Monday, July 19, 2021


Hello Kayrn and Duane,

We said goodbye to Duffy on July 15th. One day after his birthday. He suffered no pain, exhibited no indication of disease, he simply grew slower and frailer over the past month until it became time to let him go. We were with him, reminding him of our love and what a good boy he was until his spirit left his body. Our hearts are broken, but they will mend. Gus and Fiona will see to that.

We've shared our lives with many canine companions but never was there one as special as Duffy. He lived his life with a joy that was contagious. Just being around him lifted our spirits and made us happier. We will always be grateful for the wonder of this mighty little dog.
I've posted his final video. It celebrates the magical joy that he shared with us.


How fortunate we all are to have been touched by the love of Scotties.

Jayel, Ken, Scotties: Gus and Fiona and Frenchie Ally