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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Jacki and Heather two days ago

Hi Duane,
I realized I do have some photos.
Everyone likes the big squishy chair. Brindi, a little adopted dog is on the top bunk and Heather is rolling around with her legs in the air below her on the chair seat.
The second shot is when the front window sunshine makes it warm inside and they put their bellies on the linoleum. The camera click woke up Heather. They will not be so warm when I get them groomer trimmed next week. I'll send better photos after their spa day.
They are delightful girls. You are right, Jacki does pause a few moments when I ask her to do something, but then she joins in. And she is an excellent tail wagger about everything.
They also have their "get to know the Vet" visit next week. By then Heather will be all finished with her ear medicine and he can check on that.