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Saturday, July 17, 2010

email - Molly

Hi, I hope that you will get this e-mail. Wanted to keep you up to date with Molly. She is wonderful Scottie.

I have been watching my great granddaughter since she was 3 months. Granddaughter is now 22 months and Molly has been just great with her. I was a little worried at first as Molly was 6 years old when we first started watching Ella but Molly was so good with her.

Now that granddaughter is on the go, Molly keeps out of her way at times but is always there for loving. She is a great traveler, and always ready to go. Cannot believe that she is 7 years now and still acts like a puppy. The vet asked me what I was feeding her the last check-up as she was doing so good. We are still on the Flint River diet but she loves her tidbits of cheese and watermelon.

Take care,
As always Nancie and Molly