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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

email - Phineas update

Hi Kayrn!

Puppies? How exciting! We have our hands full with the 2 we have, but my mother may be interested. Sadly, we recently found out that my mother's dog has a terminal illness. I know she needs the companion of a loving animal. What color are the females?

I wanted to let you know that Phineas Wilbert, who we call "Phinny", is doing extremely well. He is very smart and enjoys watching television, especially if it's an animal show. He's an excellent watch dog and was soooo much easier to train than our female, Amanda (who we already had before we met you).

He's very gentle with the cats and really enjoys being part of the "pack". He is an important part of our family and we love him dearly.

My husband is with the dogs at the park this morning. We bought them a big, blue ball that they play soccer with using their long noses. It's just hilarious to watch. We're going to tape it one of these days and put it on You Tube. It's just so adorable!

I hope this email finds you and Duane doing well. How are Missy and BoBo? Phinease looks just like Missy's photo when his hair is all grown out. We had him clipped recently because he had a few mats. My husband had surgery and usually brushed him every day. In the chaos of his recovery, I didn't brush Phinny. He seems to enjoy his new look and I'm sure he's more comfortable now in the heat. I'll take some pictures soon and send them your way.

In the meantime, do send me photos of the females and I'll show them to my mother.

Big hugs,