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Friday, October 31, 2008

email - another Calum update

Hi Kayrn,

My vet called and moved my appointment up so I took Calum in this morning. I knew he wouldn't be ready for his next shots, but I still wanted to have a fecal done to make sure he didn't have parasites and for the vet to give him a good physical exam.

So far so good. We will have the results of the fecal tomorrow but he passed the physical with flying colors!!! The vet checks his heart, lungs, eyes, ears, teeth, mouth and all his joints. I said, "is he a keeper" and the vet said, "I'd keep him"! Very Pleased!!!

He has the most even temperament I've seen in a Scottie - I guess that is the best way to describe it - he is still very much a Scottie but an overall sweet Scottie! When he arrived, it took him approximately four minutes to make it right into my heart!

Well, I just wanted to update you, take care,