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Saturday, February 28, 2009

email - Mackey's passing

Duane and Kayrn,

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write this message for at least another 5 years, but our dear, sweet Mackey passed away this afternoon. He was raised in close contact with my three grandsons and was a real gentleman. Never bit anyone until the Park Ranger invaded his space last summer and that was just a warning nip. He went quickly from liver failure about a month short of his eleventh birthday. He spent 3 days on I-V at the doggie hospital, but to no avail. The vet said he could go at any time, so we brought him home for his last few days and he died in my arms, after digging two holes in his back yard and lounging on whatever furniture he wanted to get on. He and our little brindle Mitzi only had 3 ½ years together, but were very devoted to each other.

Duane brought Mackey to the Denny’s in Pendleton, on a Saturday in the middle of May in 1998. He had big feet, big ears, and a large head and tail that he eventually grew into. He was one of the biggest Scotties I have ever seen. His kind heart and great disposition didn’t live up to the gruff and snappy reputation that seems to follow Scotties around. His large feet and tail helped make him the best swimmer of all of the Scotties I have be around in almost 62 years. He loved the water and would wear the little boys arms out throwing sticks and tennis balls for him. He let our little female boss him around and seldom corrected her for indiscretions. He tried to be the dominant member of the family when he first got here, but soon learned his place and was a real character and best friend every day he was here. When he was a pup he liked to crawl up my chest and curl around my neck like a collar. I think he learned that from Duane.

I hope you have a black male that isn’t spoken for in one of your litters that needs a home. The grand kids are ages 7 to 11 and are really good with Scotties. Mitzi, our little brindle, was purchased from you in June of 2005. We brought 2 of the grandkids and Mackey to your house to pick her up and have a picture taken. I’m more interested in getting a dog with a good personality and disposition than having perfect dog show lines. I am very happy with the first two I got from you.