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Monday, January 2, 2012

email: Jacki & Duffy

Hi Karyn and Duane,

Hope you had a great Christmas. Karyn, how is the foot? Hope it healed well and you are getting around better! Congrats on another litter too.

Duffy is growing like a weed and Jacki is doing great. Duffy's ears stood up, then one folded back down. About a week later it stood up, but the other one is now laying sideways, toward the other. Have you ever heard of this or seen it? I read online somewhere that teething can cause issues with the ear strength. Kind of funny looking. He is quite a character. Part of the time he is the little pup from Hell, the rest he is a little angel. I call him Jekyll & Hyde. Jacki plays a lot with him and keeps him in line when he gets too rough. They love their playtime in the yard and walks. Duffy will put up with his halter and leash to follow Jacki around.

They have their first vet visit next week for Duffy's shot and for Jacki to meet the vet and get checked over prior to surgery. They will schedule it then.

Happy New Year to the crew there. We sure love our little ones. Thanks so much.

Sandi & Doug