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Monday, December 24, 2012

email - Happy birthday Doug!

Our dear Doug is celebrating his first birthday today?!! (He was from Katrina's first litter -- the web site says they were born 12/23/11, but I think his papers say 12/24/11). At any rate, we want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful guy! We think he's the greatest and we have so much fun with him. We had not had a dog in almost 20 years when we got Doug. The puppy phase was a bit daunting, but he is all we could hope for in a companion -- loyal, loving, fun and very Scottie dignified. He's a favorite at our vet's office ("this is a great little dog") and at his doggy daycare where he is feisty and really loves playing and running with the other dogs 2 days a week. He's very funny -- whenever he walks into a different place (the vet, doggy daycare, the pet store) he gives a big "woof" as though to say "I'm Doug and I'm here."

Again, thank you Dwayne and Kayrn for your good work and great dogs!

Adrienne and Erik
 PS You are right that photographing black dogs is an art -- we haven't mastered it yet.