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Monday, May 6, 2013

email - Dandie Angus McDuff (Duffy)

We blinked and nearly 6 years had gone by...having Duffy has made the time fly. Not a day goes by that he does not bring us laughter with his antics. Duffy has never met a dog he did not like, and he finds most humans tolerable. He has been well socialized with humans and other animals, and has traveled many miles and stayed in fancy hotels along the way.

Now that we are traveling less, he often takes us to Port Orford's dog beach or the Bandon Dog Park to watch him romp and play with dogs of all ages and sizes. When he's not taking us for walks or asking us to throw the ball, he enjoys lounging on his sofa, watching the deer walk by, riding along to the Post Office, or kissing the neighbor's cat through the fence. Duffy wins hearts and makes friends wherever he goes. He'll do anything for a 'cookie'. He is also a very fine big brother to his five month old French Bulldog sister, Ally Oop.

Duffy is a pup from your 7/14/07 Stewie and Jackie litter, and he's been just perfect for us. He travels like a trooper, keeps us on time for dinner, and wakes us with exuberant enthusiasm every morning. We love Duffy! *grin

I've attached a couple of pictures and a silly video so that you can see how handsome he has become. We were just thinking about you and wanted you to know that the little bit of fuzz you delivered to us has grown into a strong, handsome adult. Our vet calls him 'the rugged little Scot.'

Hope that all is going well for you, anyone who has had his/her life touched by a Mongomerie of Cama Scotty is a lucky human indeed.
Best regards,
Jayel and Ken (along with Duffy and Ally)