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Thursday, June 6, 2013

email - Fergus update

Just a quick update on Fergus. As you can see, he’s popped up his ears! We had a great visit at the vet – she was really pleased with his demeanor and said he was a perfect little guy. We’ve been slowly introducing him to the neighbourhood. He’s a champ at meeting people and we even took him to a Puppy Party to meet some other little guys his own age. We’re looking forward to having him fully vaccinated so we can wander further abroad, but for now, we’re happy to stay close to home and enjoy him. Crate training is going well and with the exception of a remarkably accident filled day yesterday, potty training seems to be going along as well. Thanks again for such a fun little guy. We’re looking forward to see what a handsome boy he will turn into. Lorraine, Richard, and Erik