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Sunday, July 20, 2014

email - Re: Photos of Halfdan

Hi Kayrn and Duane,

   Yes, Halfdan is a very handsome little fellow. His colors prompt a lot of admiration. He has a wonderful gait too. We don't show our dogs but as you can tell, we do compete with them in AKC Earthdog. Both Maggie and our late Fingal earned Earthdog titles and we have high hopes for Halfdan. Even if dogs are not successful in Earthdog, they still have a lot of fun going through the tunnels after rats, and that's the main thing - that they enjoy the game. If/when he earns a title, we'll be sure to send you copies of the certificate.
   Halfdan's favorite play is to chase a ball while pushing at it with a Nylabone in his mouth - it is so cute! We call it bone-ball. He can do it hours. We'll send good thoughts your way that the fires don't get any closer. It would be dreadful to have to evacuate.

Jack and Mary