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Saturday, November 7, 2015

email - WE LOVE OUR SCOTTIES-New and Old

Duane & Karyn
Just want to let you know that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR FEMALE SCOTTIE KHLOE. She is like the "energizer bunny"-Full of Vim and Vigor, she is a fast learner as she is "potty trained" and establishing her boundaries and rapport w/ our male adult Scottie, Rorry. It is hilarious to watch the 2 Scotties chase each other around the yard and have interesting "barking" contests. Khloe stands her ground when she growls at Rorry. EVERYONE who meets Khloe falls in love. Thank you for raising a Healthy, Happy, Energetic and Loving Scottie. We feel fortunate to have made the connection to Montgomerie of Camus.
Thanks again...ps ...Khloe is on Facebook @ Trilby Companion Animal Hospital (Ft. Collins), scroll down until you see the Scottie puppy comments-there are 4 pix of our girl...the vet is in love with her!
Hugs across the miles....
Barbara, Patrick, Rorry & Khloe