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Monday, September 18, 2017

email - Galen and Lyra Update

Hi there,

Even though they're 6-1/2 weeks apart in age, Galen has surpassed Lyra in height and weight. Lyra is a very dainty girl and Galen is just a big boy. We think he'll be the biggest Scotty we've ever had. Lyra is getting all her big girl teeth now. Personaility-wise Lyra is very feisty and cuddly. Galen is a very nice dog and by far the "nicest" Scotty I've ever met. He's also quite a climber and climbs out of the kenneled areas often. In the picture, Lyra recently got a her first Scotty cut. It's a bit rough since Kara and I were in a hurry to leave town for the weekend. We have a friend who petsits for us and they enjoy his visits. They're doing very well. Both are great with people and other dogs and play with each other constantly.

We hope you and Duane are well. Thanks for the great pups. We love them dearly.
Take care, Ed and Kara