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Sunday, November 26, 2017


Hi Karyn and Duane

Halfdan is perfect. He's healthy, he's playful, and he ensures he is the center of our lives.; And we are very happy to have him in that role. We lost our Maggie to renal failure a year ago so we are especially grateful that we have Halfdan.

I've attached a couple of photos (I hope you are able to receive and see them). There's a photo just of Halfdan - when we are out with him, people often tell us what a handsome dog he is, and he truly is handsome. The other photo is of Halfdan and his Mini-Halfdan. A year or so ago I took a needle felting class and was asked to bring photos of something to create in felt. I created a miniature Halfdan and the photo shows them nose to nose.

Thank you for asking about Halfdan. He is very special to us.