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Sunday, December 3, 2017


Hi Kayrn and Duane,

Just a wee update as we continue to broaden Gus' view of the world. He's discovered the joy of cookies from the drive-thru coffee shop, had his second vet appointment for vaccinations, and met several of Duffy and Ally's dog friends. One ear up,the second is still up and down, but it's coming.
Gus is such a happy puppy and so willing to learn. Everything is a game that ends with a 'click' and treat.
I love visiting your website and seeing all the other wonderful Scotties in the Montgomerie of Camas family. It's like an online reunion.
Here's a little video of Duffy and Gus having a bit of tug-o-war.
The tug-o-war with Duffy is at the end.

All the best,
Jayel and Ken