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Monday, January 7, 2013

email - puppy

Hi Kayrn!

We got her home and she went to her doctor's appointment that afternoon and the doctor was so happy with how healthy she was! Dan made her bed in between our pillows on our bed she went right to sleep that night and it has just done so well.  She's been meeting her doggy friends and meeting people friends and she's just doing so good I can't even begin to tell you how good she's doing!

You are so right about the kissies when she wants to have a nap she comes up and if I'm kissing her then she just goes right to sleep.  She went shopping for the first time today to Petsmart. And she rides real good in the truck.

We just could not ask for a better puppy! I'll definitely keep in touch and send you pictures. If you go to my facebook page I posted video of her. Nothing doing but the first morning she was with us she was playing with her Reflection in the dishwasher. So I put that video up there and also there's lots of pictures on there of her and her little adventures she's been having.

I'll be sure to keep in touch and send you pictures but check out my facebook page, you don't have to be on my list to see it.

Will talk to you soon, take good care