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Thursday, July 14, 2011

email - Gwynn

Hi Duane & Kayrn!

Lizzie's daughter Gwynn is sooooo like her! she climbs everything, is constantly in motion and is happiest on the back of the rocker/recliner with her feet hanging down like a rag doll.

She and "brother" Gordie from Idaho are as inseparable as if they were litter mates... they are constantly together and a delight to walk since they are always in step. He's about 25 lbs and a very gentle, sweet tempered black-brindle. and she is quite the sharp as a pistol and weighs in right at 20. Of course she rules the roost which you predicted!

Gwynn is a huge TV watcher and even attacks the screen when there is a cartoon animal on it... How does she know? Naturally they both sleep on the bed with us, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Great dogs both of them.

Hope you are all doing well up there. We were sorry to hear of Charlie's passing, and are glad to see Lizzie still part of the picture. Take it easy, and you are always invited to stop in any time you are in the neighborhood. After all Laurelhurst is just across the freeway if memory serves.

Take care,
Karey (Karen) & Dale